Yoga + Meditation

What is yoga?

The aspect of yoga we are most accustomed to seeing, especially in the past 5-10 years is asana. The poses. The crazy positions that people put themselves in. What’s the purpose of these poses? To align body and mind with god (this might sound intense, but this is truly what yoga means). It takes concerted effort to balance on the hands or one foot, to release all thoughts and judgement and breathe. This is yoga. Practice is practice, and mastering a pose doesn’t mean you are more enlightened or better than anyone else. It’s simply a practice that has the power to connect you to yourself on a deeper level. There are as many types of yoga as there are colonies of ants on this planet. Try different types to see what resonates the most. 

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice that is much more simple than you think. Most people have all the wrong ideas when it comes to meditation. They think it is the gateway to enlightenment. When in fact, we are all enlightened in the truest sense-right now. The practice of meditation helps us see this more clearly-it helps us discover who we really are. We do not have to meditate for 700 hours to “see the light”. If that was the case, we’d have more answers. The answer is more simple and not a future goal. This is it. This moment is the most important moment you will ever face. Everything that has happened is gone. 

1:1 consultation – meet for a 30-60 minute consultation to determine how to incorporate meditation and/or yoga into your life.

My story…

Since I was very young I had a deep desire to find myself. I first experienced yoga in high school and thought it was super weird. Downward Facing Dog was a big challenge for me, and I could barely keep my hips lifted in the air. I was a star athlete in high school, but put me on a yoga mat and I nearly fell on my face. After that class, I wasn’t interested in yoga for many years because I wasn’t good at it. I spent my free time running. Running from everything, and running towards freedom (or so I thought).

It wasn’t until 2013 that I started to slow down, shift focus and found myself curious about what yoga had to offer. After experiencing power vinyasa yoga, I realized what I was missing. Flow, flexibility, depth, breath connection, and gratitude. A couple years later, I found myself studying yoga + meditation in teacher training, and then finally, teaching. The practices of yoga and meditation keep me centered and connected with the vitality and simplicity of my true nature. Yoga excites me, and I have a stronger connection with my body because of it.

I meditate daily, but what does that really mean? It means I set aside 15-20 minutes to sit quietly with my eyes closed, breathing, resting, observing my thoughts, and focusing on the happenings of the present moment, which include sensations in the body, thoughts, and feelings. I love to sit and observe. This daily practice helps me feel more grounded, connected and present in my life. My yoga practice is more intuitively based and less structured. It’s fun and I like to listen to music when I practice. Sometimes I practice in a studio and other times I practice at home.