Massage Therapy

Treatment Plan

$65 – 60 minute | $80 – 75 minute | $95 – 90 minute | $130 – 120 minute

Therapeutic Massage a combination of deep tissue techniques, swedish, sports massage and light stretching focused on releasing tension within the soft tissues of the body to improve overall health and well being. Integrative massage is a combination of all I’ve learned adapted to each client’s needs. I create customized treatments, therefore no two treatments will feel the same.

Myofascial Release aims to stretch the fascia and restore tissue mobility. Pressure is held for upward of several minutes at one location of the body to allow for fascial release to take place. There is little to no use of massage oil to enhance the grip of the affected areas. This technique is often integrated with other deep tissue and swedish techniques.

Trigger Point Therapy a technique incorporated with deep tissue treatments. A technique used to release unhealthy tissue, known as “knots”. Knots are a result of tightly contracted muscle tissue that cut-off their own blood supply. These knots are also referred to as “trigger points” because when pressed upon or not, pain is triggered. Trigger point therapy is an interactive process – the therapist communicates with the client to effectively release these tight spots.

Additional Services:

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is founded on the belief that the body knows exactly how to heal. The theory of CST is based on the understanding that restrictions in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid affect the function of the central nervous system, which lead to dis-ease and/or pain. CST can help release trapped emotion, trauma and chronic pain.

TRE® (tension & trauma releasing exercises) is an innovative series of exercises that helps the body release patterns of muscular tension and stress. TRE safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that calms the nervous system. This is known as the “therapeutic tremor”.


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