Russian Sports Massage

exerciseThis past weekend I attended a Russian Sports Massage training. Maybe you’re wondering, what the heck is Russian Sports Massage? What makes it Russian? I had similar questions before signing up for this workshop, believe me. I thought I knew what sports massage was, but after this weekend I realized, I had no clue! The workshop was lead by Oleg Bouimer, a very well known sports massage therapist in the LA area. He was born in Russia, but has lived in the States for many, many years. He has practiced massage therapy for 35 years. (Wow!)

He’s quite the character. He saw 10 clients until 12am the evening before our two-day workshop. Then he drove to Tucson from 1am-8am. No sleep involved. After the first day of our training, he stayed up editing our worksheets to better reflect the information he taught us during the day, and then blasted the TV as loud as he could (he loved the excitement of it) and ate a bunch of ice cream. He said he slept from 2-6am. He called this a “celebration of life”. All of us “students” joked with him because we didn’t understand how he could function, and function quite well on little to no sleep. He’s superhuman, we concluded.

One of his life philosophies had to do with energy. The energy you give out, you receive back 10-fold. Oleg’s stories and vibrant energy inspired me. When he showed us how to knead the tissue, I saw how gracefully he moved his body to create an effect in the nervous and muscular systems of the person he was working on. I saw how much his energy controlled the outcome of the receiver.

This mantra translates not only to how I work as a massage therapist and the energy I bring to my clients, but speaks to all aspects of life.

How am I showing up in the world? What am I putting out there, and what am I getting in return? Constantly becoming more and more aware of my energy, my mood, my actions so that I can better serve not only my clients, but ultimately myself.

Now if you wanted to know or experience more about what I learned…I will begin to offer sports massage therapy in my private practice. Not an athlete? Not a problem. I will incorporate some of my new skills into deep tissue and swedish treatments.

The next time you find yourself in a “negative” circumstance, say to yourself, “this is the best thing that could EVER happen to me!” and see how your energy changes. 🙂

Thanks Oleg for your energy, your wisdom, and your passion for massage therapy!

To learn more about Russian Sports Massage check back often – I will add info on my Bodywork page.

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