What is myofascial release?

Myofascial Release (MFR) is one of my favorite bodywork techniques because of it’s effectiveness in relieving pain. MFR is a manual therapy effecting change of superficial and deep fascia. Fascia is the all-encompassing connective tissue that encapsulates each muscle fiber and cell of our body on a deep level, and each skeletal muscle, vein, artery, organ, bone, etc. on a superficial level. It’s like plastic wrap for our muscles.

Fascial restrictions can occur from injury, immobilization, aging, faulty body mechanics and improper alignment.

MFR seeks to stretch the fascia and restore tissue mobility. You might feel a bit taller after a myofascial treatment because your tissues are literally being stretched and lengthened.

This type of bodywork is based on the principles of tensegrity and encourages movement and circulation of the fascial network, thus restoring normal functions of the body. MFR treatments are far different than traditional massage therapy sessions. There is little to no use of oil or lotion, and techniques include skin and muscle rolling or pressure applied at a restricted area for upwards of several minutes.

Who will benefit from MFR?

  • Clients who experienced a loss in flexibility or function after injury
  • Clients with chronic/ongoing low back, shoulder, or hip pain
  • Clients with pain in any part or parts of the body such as headaches or back pain

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