Back to Earth Meditation


I find that being grounded and connected to reality is a moment-to-moment practice. I’m a daily meditator because I’m a chronic worrier and negative self-talker. If I don’t meditate, practice yoga, receive bodywork, etc. my worrying and stress levels sky rocket. When I’m worried or stressed I feel like I’m living amongst the stars, I literally feel and act like a space cadet. My thoughts become irrational, I talk to myself negatively, and I isolate. No wonder they created that phrase.

The opposite of spacey is grounded. I strive to live a more grounded life, and relinquish irrational thoughts and negative self talk.

Since meditation helps me release my worries and stress, I wanted to share a very simple technique that I use to ground. Use this when you want to reconnect with yourself, with the present moment and/or tap into the everlasting support available to you anytime, anywhere.

This meditation will leave you feeling more connected, supported and guided throughout your day. It takes very little time to come back to Earth.

::: 1 minute Back to Earth meditation for grounding :::
Find a comfortable seat or stand in a sunny spot near a window.
Sit upright with a lifted heart and relaxed shoulders.
Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath.
Become aware of the areas of your body that are connected to the ground.
Imagine long, sturdy roots extending out + down from your body to the center of the earth.
Breathe into your entire body, as well as your newfound roots.
Simply notice that you’re fully supported right now.
Perhaps repeat a mantra silently a few times, “I am safe, I am supported, I am …”
Open your eyes, continue to breathe + move about slowly.