My life’s work.

Dear One,
There is nothing wrong with you or your body. The pain that brought you into my office (or someone else’s) is inherently OK. What happened was this. You labelled pain as a problem and your super smart brain created a magnificent story. The story about your pain + the pain itself gained momentum, making it complicated and difficult for your physical pain to get any better. You sought answers. You sought remedies. You even found me!
When your story about the pain became larger than the pain itself it amounted to suffering. Your suffering happened on a subconscious level. It was natural. It was innocent. It’s part of how you coped. You created distance from your pain (you didn’t want to feel it!) through your stories, with the hope of getting rid of it. This made the pain more powerful, more gooey and now you feel more stuck than ever.
What I want to know is this… can you meet yourself (with this pain) where you are right now? Can you acknowledge with integrity a story you’ve created about your pain that keeps your pain alive? How does that story truly help you in your healing? What happens to your physical pain when you release all of your resistance to it?
Right now, are you willing to relate to your pain in a completely new way?
I can’t fix your pain because your pain is not a problem. What I can do is meet you where you’re at, exactly as you are with total acceptance.
You are already whole and complete right now and it’s my life’s work to help you realize it.